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X-raying is cheating and is therefore against the rules.
Now. The fact that I even have to point this out seems just crazy to me, the mind boggles. If you think that X-Raying or any other kind of cheating is ok then stop right here, leave the server now and go play single player creative, you aren’t wanted here or any other server.
It also occurs to me that some people did not realize (or so they claim) that X-Raying is against the rules which again is just mind blowing so take this as a warning!

Auto Fishing is ALSO a form of cheating and is therefore against the rules.
1) You are not physically playing and possibly holding up a slot on the server.
2) You are bypassing the AFK mechanism which is in place for several reasons including ranking up.
3) McMMO skills are achievements! If you are auto fishing, you have given yourself an unfair advantage over others.
4) Players stock their shops with goods as a way to make an income. They work for their products. When you have dubs and dubs of fish and other McMMO goodies and you sell them, trade them, give them away, you are “cheating” the players who worked hard and spent time collecting those things.
MrT1melord wrote:You WILL be banned for X-Raying or any other way of cheating. You will get no warning and/or explanation for this. We take an awful lot of time to check, double check and triple check the records to see if you really are cheating and we are ALWAYS sure before we act – “I haven’t done it” doesn’t mean anything. By using any kind of cheats you willingly forfeit your right to play on our server and will therefore never be allowed back.
I hope this makes it clear for everyone what our position on this matter is. In the last couple of days I’ve had to ban 4 players for this exact same reason so yes, you really will be banned.

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