How to play on our modded server

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How to play on our modded server


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So, you want to play on the modded server, huh? Well, you're gonna have to submit an application here filled with some basic information so we can decide if you're going to be given access to this part of our community. Please note that while not required, having donated will carry a slight advantage for you.

Here's what you're gonna answer in the application:

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1)[/b]How much RAM do you have?(do note that a minimum of 8GB is required as the modpack we have set up is pretty resource heavy)
2)[/b]Have you played modded before or is this your first time around?
3)[/b]If you haven't, are you at least semi-proficient with computers? While not overly complicated, installing the pack requires some basic knowledge.
4)[/b]Final one, why do you want to play on our modded server?(feel free to write anything you want here)
Do note that if you're given access we'll send you a message on the forum letting you know.

That's all. Goodluck and see you there!

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