Box of Rocks Modded

We are a whitelisted server that requires you to complete an application in the forum here, application

To do so, you must register in-game from the vanilla server with /webpassword making your password at least six characters long. Once approved you will be notified with a message on the forum of the server ip and the current version of the modpack.

Box of Rocks Presents DireWolf20 1.16

DireWolf20 1.16 Installation app

The Launcher is easy to use and configure.  This is a very stable but large and resource hungry compilation of mods.

After installing the app, Install the DireWolf20 mod pack. Download the CORRECT version we provide you with! 

Recommendations after install

Once downloaded if you hover over the modpack thumbnail you will have a more… option. Click that to open it up.

The download will automatically install however for those who have configured instances already make sure to go to settings within the modpack. Not the launcher settings.

We highly recommend after downloading it you go into your settings and adjust your RAM.

Added Mods

We have added Mystical Agriculture to this pack. You must have it installed into your mods directory in order to connect and play.

Click the following to download:

Extra Mods

Download this zip file and use the password 1234 to open it. There will be 4 mods. Put them in your Mods folder.

Know The Rules

  • Ignorance is no excuse!
  • Negative behavior (Griefing, Theft, Cheating…) will not be tolerated
  • Do not AFK – There are only 4 slots!
  • Avoid complex redstone projects
  • Avoid a lot of items lying on the ground
  • This is not single player, you affect everyone else.
  • If you cost the server too many resources we will not hesitate to undo your work.
  • Any sort of cheating, (like X-Ray and Fly-Mods) or AFK mechanics are strictly forbidden and will result in a ban on any Box of Rocks server
  • Abusing bugs or exploits will not be tolerated
  • Claims will disappear after a month of inactivity