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June 2020 News

This June is the Birthday of the server. Started in June 2016. There will be a celebration.

Please welcome Kinnean as our newest Architect. We are so excited to have your talent contributing to the builds on the server.
First project is an area off of spawn that will house our 4th of July celebrations.

New Server

We’ve upgraded our dedicated server from 32 gig to now 64gb, updated processors and SSD harddrives.
Big huge shout out to Giselbaer for making this happen for us all!!!

Discord Giveaways

Kinnean – NetherStar and 1000 claim blocks
Trixies – 1000 claim blocks
justworm – Bow with mending AND infinity
GayRightsKyoko – Reusable SafariNet Egg

Player Build of the month – May Player Build of the Month

Congratulations Flame! You have won a bragging righs status at spawn, a video of your build posted on YouTube, a picture on the website of Featured Builds, four stacks of your favorite building block, $3,000 box dollars, a tree of your choice from the warehouse, and a server warp for this month to your build so players can view it.

Top Voter and McMMO level of the month

FlibberDiGibbit! You won $6,000 box dollars and a bragging rights statues at spawn.

Plugins added

JobsReborn – We now have jobs. New players can start holding a job immediately. As you rank up can have two jobs.
The default jobs at this time are Hunter-Farmer-Enchanter-Explorer-Woodcutter-Miner-Builder-Digger-Crafter-Fisherman-Weaponsmith-Brewer.
Within each job are quests accessed by typing /jobs quests.

Plugins removed

NoCheatsPlus, CompatNoCheats, ClearLagg. At this time we have chosen to remove some of the cheat plugins. Hopefully we can continue to run this way.

Mining World

We are using a new seed this month. It has every biome we need in close range of spawn. It also stays daytime in that world.


A very in depth, challenging, fun, and heavy duty quest line is in progress. Will take several months to completion. Will have a custom world, items, and bosses.

New questor has been added – Zombert to collect bones to make necklaces to ward off attacks and neck bites.
He awards you with 8, 4, or 1 stack of bones at a time.


All suggestions are welcomed and wanted. There is now also a discord channel #suggestions. Please feel free to share ideas, thoughts, feedback, suggestions, and even quest ideas.
There was a recent suggestion for a live map. For the last several years we have run a live map and had it live on our website. With the 1.15.2 updated we chose to not continue doing so. #1 reason is we left Dynmap for mapcrafter as it was easier on resources but now they have not updated their plugin. We would need to go back to using Dynmap and it is a great tool although resource hungry. We found that not too many players were actually using the live map either. So until such time as we have an abundance of requests for it again we will wait.


If you also like playing modded, we have a whitelisted modded server also. Details can be found here –

Currently it is in 1.10. There is a new pack being assembled now for 1.12 which will most likely update in a couple of months.

May 2020 News

Welcome all the new players that joined us in April we are so glad to have you join this community.

Donators you are so appreciated for contributing to the server. Special thank you to Aprils donators!
Shdoza, FlibberDiGibbit, Leiath, Flamegirl43, BrittusMarius, xXxRedstonerxXx, CrunchyMummy,
and White_Dragon20.  Periodically in the post office below spawn you may collect additional collector heads.


Please welcome Nobody413 our newest moderator. Always helpful, very knowledgeable, pleasant, and kind.

Player shops

Additional shops in the grotto have been opened and are available for rent. Make sure if you have been
considering a shop to get one while you can. Thank you loudskins for providing us all such a nice atmosphere
to shop in. Your Grotto build and expansion are beautiful.

Player build of the month – April Player Build of the month on YouTube

Incredibly hard to judge this month! And this months selection is a little unusual in that there are 3 players who have been working together creating a magical well thought out village. Congratulations xXxRedstoner, cootpanda, and woonaluna!  You all have won a bragging rights status at spawn, a picture on the website of Featured Builds, four stacks of your favorite building block, $3,000 box dollars, a tree of your choice from the warehouse, and a server warp  to run during this month to your build so players can view it.

Player builds are similar to a homeowners association who might pick the best front yard for the month. That is what player build of the month is. Staff at the end of the month, goes around and chooses an attractive, functional, technical, or any type of build. This community has many strong players with lots of skills so it makes it very difficult to decide on one.

Again since the voting was very difficult this month please know your builds will still be considered for future Player of the Month as this is not a competition but rather on ongoing admiration and tribute to players’ endeavors and talents.

Top Voter of the month

BrittusMarius! Thank you for your support. You won $3,000 box dollars and a bragging rights statue at spawn.

Top McMMO level for the month

GayRightKyoko formerly known as birdjar. This makes 2 months in a row you grinder. Congratulations! You also have won $3,000 box dollars and your statue continues to stay up at spawn.

Discord giveaway winners

Trixies13 won an enchantment table
loudskins won a mending book and 1000 bonus claim blocks
CrunchyMummy won 1000 claim blocks
BrittusMarius won 1000 claim blocks
The more players who react to the bot – the more giveaways we can have.

NPCs and Questing

More quests, simple and involved,  fun and challenging, and a great way to earn more money will still be rolling out this month.

All the NPC’s are located at spawn.

We would like to hear from you via the suggestion box at spawn NPC ideas. A brief or long story line, what items you’d like to barter, sell,
or win. Kinnean, thank you for the gunpowder idea last month.

New staff area and donator post office

At spawn, use the elevator down and stop by and say hi to staff if they happen to be in. We’ve all had fun decorating our offices.


Just a reminder that when 1.16 comes out it will take approximately 2 months for all of our plugins to be updated. That is based on all previous
updates taking about that long for everyone to get all the plugins up to date and work out bugs.

Suggestion box

There is a suggestion box at spawn and a mailbox at Red’s office. We really do want to hear your thoughts. If you  have a notion, idea, or any thought
please do write it in a book and drop it off. If you would rather, you can always email

April 2020 News

Easter Island

I’d like to welcome all the new players that joined Box of Rocks in March and a special thank you to PandoraCode, Nobody413, TheAlbinoDino, and Phonmia for donating to the server. We thank you!!! Please feel free to donate any amount to help maintain the server. In-game type /buy or use the menu with /help.

Now available –  A wiki full of all the Box of Rocks information. From FAQ to McMMO commands and everything in between.

Themed nights  schedule:
Mondays: Villager Conversion Night – Server will be in hard mode to ensure 100% Villager conversion. Central time 4pm – 12pm.
Tuesdays: Trivia Events
Wednesdays: McMMO Double XP Event. Central time 4pm – 12pm.
Thursdays: Grief Town Event. Get the materials from the town by destroying the builds. Find the loot chests.
Fridays: Drop Party.
Saturdays: Mob Kill Event.
Sundays: Deal or NoDeal Event.

PlayerShops are doing great. Make sure and rent a shop today before they are all gone!

There is a new gui menu for all your needs. Access by typing /help.

Player commands – New
/boxmoney – How to make money.

Player Build of the month  – March Player build of the month

Congratulations PandoraCode! Well done. You have won a statue at spawn, a picture on the website of Featured Builds, four stacks of your favorite building block, $3,000 box dollars, a tree of your choice from the warehouse, and a warp this month to your build so players can view.

Top Voter of the month: Trixies13. Congratulations and Thank you! This is how the server gets exposure and grows.

Top McMMO level for the month: Congratulations birdjar!

Server Features:
Free fly
Sleep Voting
Dragon Slayer
Discord with music channel
Grief Prevention
Loot Rewards
Mining World

This month we are promoting the use of our Discord Server.
Events will be held in the #minecraft-discord channel. There will be giveaways in the #giveaway channel. You need to react to enter to win!  There is a #Music channel. To start you will want to link your Minecraft account to our Discord server by typing in game /discord link. You will receive a code that you need to PM the box-a-chat bot with. At that time you will be given a minecraft-verified account. After 5xp you can level up your rank to player. For the music channel do <!help music> to display the list of commands available to you.

Many players ask how can I make money or do you have jobs? This month will roll out several jobs for players who can select them from NPC’s. There are also 4 questors to choose from and growing. Coming soon – a daily questor.

Players may purchase a spawner to put where they want. The type can be changed out with mob capture eggs. Easy Peasy.

Easter Eggs at spawn
There are 3 Easter Eggs at spawn moved daily. They contain loot, money, and experience.

Easter Island Event
Sunday the 12th of April will be a special Easter egg hunt with lots of goodies!!!

There is a Nether Portal and an End Portal at spawn. Clearly marked. They have an archway labeled Portals and the builds are decorated accordingly.

As we approach 1.16 we plan to update approximately 2 months after the release as we allow time for developers to update their plugins.

We always want to hear your suggestions! You can drop a book at Spawn in the suggestion box or email

March 2020 News

Box of Rocks 1.15.2 is running with a new map to render all the updated blocks.

There are a few new plugins like sleep vote and dragon slayer. Helpful for evading Phantoms and bragging rights.

There is something for everyone with themed nights and an upcoming Easter egg hunt on Sunday the 12th of April.

Player shops are in full swing set in a quaint shopping district.

As we approach 1.16 we plan to update approximately 2 months after the release as we allow time for developers to update their plugins.

There are now Easter eggs hidden around spawn with loot, xp, and box dollars.

And Lastly there is a Mining world that is reset monthly. So feel free to tear it up and save the overworld.

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