/discord ?

Shows the Box of Rocks discord information and the commands to create a link between your Minecraft account and your Discord account.



Checks your current balance

/pay <player> <amount>

Give an amount of your money to another player

/auction start <qty> <amount> <bid increments> <buyout>

The item in your hand will be auctioned. The first two fields are required ex: /auction start 1 500


A gui of all player shops. What is for sale and how much

Homesets and Claims


Creates a homeset


Deletes a homeset

All Grief Prevention Commands – click here



Provides in chat a clickable link to the website


Provides in chat a clickable link to the forum


Provides in chat a clickable link to the wiki


Provides in chat a generated invitation and instructions to the Box of Rocks Discord



Shows your McMMO stats and XP

/mctop [skillname]

Show the top ten players in overall power or in the named skill


Shows how high you are ranked in each skill


When scoreboard is displayed, typing this command will keep it up on your screen


When scoreboard has been in keep position, mcscoreboardclear will remove it

Party Chat

/party create [party-name] <password>

Creates a party

/party join <password>

Join a players party

/party invite <player>

Invite a player to join your party

/party accept

Accept a party invite

/party password <password>

Set a password for the party you currently own

/party kick <player>

Kick a player from the party

/party owner

Set a player as the party owner

/party expshare [none / equal]

Set the party share mode



Displays a list of all player ranks


The ability to execute a rankup as long as all the criteria is met. Rankup will happen automatically during regular systematic checks



Random Teleport Player randomly on the map

/tpa <player>

Sends a request to the player you want to teleport to


Accept a teleport request from a player


Deny a teleport request from a player. Request times out after 10 seconds regardless





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