Shopping District / Shops

The shopping district is layed out with 20 player shops  which include an area called the grotto. Shops can be rented for a minimum of 30 days. The interiors can be custom altered and shop chests can be configured to sell goods.


How to make a Shop chest:

Shop chests may only be used in player shops!

  • Put down a chest
  • Place a sign on the chest and type:




  • Click the sign with the item you want to sell.
  • Stock the chest


  • /as unrent <shopname> – Unrents a shop you have rented
  • /as info forrent – Shows shops available for rent and how much
  • /as me – Displays a list of all your rent and shops, also the ones you are added as a friend
  • /as tp <shop> –  Teleport to a shop registered for tp
  • /as settp <shop> Set the teleport location for your shop
  • /as find rent – find and teleport to a rentable shop
  • /as addfriend <name> – Add a friend to a shop
  • /as delfriend <name> – Delete a friend from a shop




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